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Friday, July 25, 2008

AOL Begins Shuttering Services, Focuses on Ads

The end is nigh for America Online, once the premier Internet Service Provider in the country (notwithstanding the great connection outage of 1997).

The company announced the shuttering of three services on Friday as it moves away from the ISP business and into the advertising network business. The move is just the beginning of a "de-investment" in several properties -- including some of its instant messenger and streaming services -- as the company attempts to cut spending.

The move to streamline its services -- always a nice way to say some of what we do is crap and now we realize that -- is made more intriguing by the ever-present rumors about a potential acquisition by Yahoo or Microsoft, which can't seem to choke out the "I dos" in regards to their own merger.

Lest we jump the gun about the death of AOL, though, it should be noted that company's Platform-A is still the largest online advertising network, which in the current marketplace is worth far more than an ISP network or disparate user-generated publishing and communication applications (that's dork speak for IM, blogging and streaming platforms).

That alone makes AOL a yummy appetizer for the companies looking to build an online revenue stream into its business.

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