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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

12 Billion Videos Watched Online -- In May

2008 is the year of online video.

143 million unique users -- about three-quarters of the U.S. audience -- watched some form of online video in May, according to ArsTechnica (which is quoting comScore).

I'm always dubious of numbers that tell me 3 out of 4 people watch online video because there are four people in my family and I know 3 of them don't watch video online; however, the reality is that the growth of video can't be denied -- from goofy YouTube clips to television and film streams at

Still the question remains: how do you make money off this?

The nascent video advertising industry is still small, roughly $1.3 billion so far this year. That's not much bang for the buck considering how many -- and how much -- people are watching.

The business reality, though, is that people are migrating from traditional platforms to emerging platforms -- the PC and the mobile device -- quickly and as that is happening, more advertising money is being shifted online.

As the recession settles in (if we are indeed in a recession), expect to see less money spend on traditional models and more money spent on interactive, immediate return-on-investment models such as the Web.

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