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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Your Media, Their Dollars

Technology companies are banking on the fact that your media can make them a lot of money.

Google ponied up quite a bit of cash to create a multiple media "business" (it's not a business proper until it makes money) by using your videos, pictures, websites and any other media you have -- and want to keep.

YouTube, by far the most recognizable of its properties, has been a black hole of cash. However, analysts believe the site -- which allows people to upload their videos and build personal channels -- is poised to make upwards of $500 million next year.

That's still a bit less than the $1.65 billion the company paid for it, but if estimates prove true (and they rarely do), YouTube could end of being one of the billion dollar, undervalued companies.

Apple has virtually cornered the market on personal media, although the consumer electronics company is less interested in your pictures and videos and more interested in selling you hardware to play your favorite music.

iTunes, Apple's eponymous digital entertainment retailer, just crossed the 5 billion song threshold. At roughly 99 cents per song, that's a pretty big threshold. It's also more songs than Wal-mart.

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