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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tired of the Screaming, People Turn to Web for Political News

Two myths about Americans that I'd like to put to rest here:

  1. the notion that Americans aren't reading these days
  2. the notion that Americans don't care about politics


What Americans are turning away from are the polarized, kid-like screaming matches between so-called political pundits who view campaigns more like boxing matches than policy debates.

Instead, they are making an honest attempt to find out what the candidates stand for. How do I know? The American people told me.

46 percent of Americans have used the Web to find information about the candidates, according to the Pew Research Center; and 30 percent of Americans have sought out unfiltered political content -- heading directly for the McCain and Obama sites -- looking for information about their political stances.

Turns out, what Americans really want is to listen to the people who may be our president and read what that person has to say about particular policies.

It's not all that surprising actually; however, we've reached a point in this country -- and with the Web -- where we assume that everyone else is dumber than us, so surely that aren't looking for the same answers. As it turns out, we're all looking for the same substantive information -- and we're not getting it from traditional outlets.

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