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Friday, June 13, 2008 The Art of Selling Services Online

Selling products is the Holy Grail online.

For all the bluster about audience size and advertising, pure American consumerism is still the end-all, beat-all for companies. Amazon and Ebay have always understood that, although it's a bit unfair to hold them up as righteous examples because their model doesn't necessarily translate to every company.

If you're selling a "thing," some kind of service that people can use, the ecommerce model is hard to figure out. But is attempting to do for services what Amazon and Ebay have done for products.

The company aggregates subscriptions of all sorts -- magazines, movie rentals and dating sites -- in one place, allowing people to search and price shop for services. They've also partnered with an affiliate advertising group, LinkShare, to sell banner advertising across what they expect to be a large network of drive-by consumers.

The model may work because it's content agnostic -- like Ebay and Amazon, which means it simply aggregates information on different products.

In the past, companies like Steven Brill's Contentville tried a similar approach with one exception: it focused entirely on selling articles, print subscriptions, screenplays and other written text. Since you likely have never heard of Contentville, you can imagine what happened to the company during the dotcom bust.

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