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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Firefox Browser Released

The Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 3.0, the latest upgrade to the quickest growing browser on the market.

For most casual Web users -- folks like my mom and dad -- the browser choice is not something they think about too often. After all, Microsoft comes with Internet Explorer and Apple comes with Safari. It's right there on your computer when you fire it up.

But those aren't the only choices. Opera, for instance, is the only browser that is compliant with any operating system, a pretty good choice particularly since so many functions these days are Web-based, which means you can access them no matter what computer you happen to be using.

For my tastes, though, there are several reasons to give Firefox a shot if you haven't already. It gives you the best browsing experience. It's designed with simplicity in mind. Most people -- and you can now include my mom and dad in that category -- are able to figure out what the browser can do because of its sleek interface.

Casual users will find the bookmarking and tabbed browsing features quite helpful, and the history and discovery features are enhanced, according to Webmonkey.

You might want to wait a bit before you download because Mozilla is attempting to break the record for most downloads in one day -- and there are some reports about traffic jams on the old InterWeb Tubes.

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