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Monday, June 02, 2008

New Chips, Apple Take the Mobile Web to the Brink

The mobile Web is getting a power boost.

NVidia, which makes high-end graphics chips for computers, released a high-end processor set for mobile devices that will make it easier -- and faster -- to surf online.

That means all kinds of super-cool play for nerds like me, but practically speaking it means mobile phones and other Internet-ready mobile devices will become a lot more people-friendly.

Intel has already targeted these hardware gadgets slickly marketed as Mobile Internet Devices (MID), which is just a fancy new name for anything that's not a computer and connects to the Net.

More than likely, though, the most noticeable changes will be in the smart phone market, which got a boost in popularity thanks to Apple's entrance into the field despite Blackberry and Treo product lines that have served U.S users for years.

Still, Apple has probably done more to make the smart phone cool than other mobile vendors want to admit. While the company's share of the smart phone market dropped from 26 percent to 19 percent in the last two quarters, the iPhone has replaced the Treo and Blackberry in the lexicon.

We know this because its latest iteration -- the 3G iPhone -- hasn't even been announced yet and already the world is aflutter with speculation about the awesomeness of it (video). Heck, the technology press has already started speculating on how an iPhone user will likely be on the ground chronicling the next world changing event.

Regardless of Apple's future announcements, the days of lugging that hefty laptop from meeting to meeting may come to an end because mobile devices have increased storage, longer battery lives and soon an improved connectivity.

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