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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Measuring the Effect of What You Heard

In my previous life, I ran an online news operation. Throughout the course of my job, I occasionally had to sit down with potential advertising clients and pitch our site.

Invariably, the question would come: "The site really looks great, but how can you measure what our ads will do?"


The quick answer was that we knew our readers and we had metrics to back up click-through rates and lead generation. And by industry standards, they were high.

That still meant single digits though. You can't expect to bankroll anything when you have a click-through rate in single digits.

Eventually we realized that we needed to look at measurements beyond simply counting banners. We needed to look at how we could create a vibrant community that would serve the customers and the advertisers.

We needed to look at the cumulative effect of that social media.

There's a move afoot to begin analyzing the related effects of social media, the lingering effect of listening to podcasts, watching video and reading and commenting on blogs and social networks.

Tracking these spheres of influence, as they are called, introduces a bit of chicanery into the process because it relies less on numbers and more on analysis; however, it does allow us to begin to track the advertising and marketing as users move across Web and mobile networks, through traditional media and finally towards a purchase.

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