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Monday, June 02, 2008

Google, CBS Tackle RSS and Video Advertising


Sure but you don't make any money. Okay, some people make money but Google has the lion's share of online advertising.

I skipped the first part of the conversation because no matter how it starts, when it comes to discussing how to make money online there just aren't enough people who know how it's done.

Which means the end of that conversation oftentimes ends with those two statements.

And let's be honest, there's some truth to those statements. For every advertising network that targets the smaller blog networks, there's a Google counter-part. The group already has search advertising cornered with its AdSense and AdWords products, but now the search giant is looking to deliver advertising to both its Feedburner RSS service and the eponymous YouTube video service.

The reality is for most small time bloggers, there's not going to be a lot -- if any -- money in this; however, if Google and other companies can create a network that allows people to make money on professionally-created video and written content, then those same practices can be applied by amateurs (or wanna-bes as I like to call myself) who can gather a mid-sized audience.

Now this won't change the face of entertainment or destroy books or end television as we know it. It is catching the eyes of the major entertainment companies. CBS announced it would syndicate its content online, allowing people to embed its player on your site.

Here's the end game, if you haven't put it together. You can use the professionally created content to attract more viewers to your site (probably not a ton, but some newbies) by creating channels of content augment what you do.

Just like an RSS feed does with text.

It's another tool to help aggregate and capture people on your site.

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