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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Microsoft Offers Shopper Rebates for Search and Buy

The Microsoft won't pay users to help track its email network, but the company said it would offer shopping rebates from 700 selected retailers for those who use its Live Search application.

The goal: find a way to slow Google's continued growth in search.

Both Microsoft, a distant third in the search market, and Yahoo have both experienced slight declines in overall searches, while Google continues growing. That's a concern for both companies, although Yahoo continues exploring how it can partner with the search giant.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is searching for a way to compete globally. So far, the results have not been good.

According to comScore's March numbers, Google now handles approximately 60 percent of all searches, followed by Yahoo with 21 percent and Microsoft with 9 percent. Google's upwards trend and Microsoft and Yahoo's downward trend have continued in April as well.

Live Search shoppers won't see any immediate benefit as the rebates won't be processed for 60 days in ensure no products are returned. That factor, along with the general feeling that paying for customers is unseemly, has left some with a sour taste about the new product.

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