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Friday, May 09, 2008

Let the Data Sharing Begin

It looks like the Open Social platform for sharing data between social networking sites is ready for lift-off.

For users who opt in to the service, MySpace will enable sites including Twitter, Yahoo, Photobucket and eBay to pull profile and user information.

While users will benefit from the convenience of having a single place to store and protect their data (as long as MySpace is steadfast), the underlying story is about advertising.

Since so many folks are willing to give up demographic data (location, age, education, job title) on MySpace, advertisers on all partner site could target their advertising. As part of the opt-in process, MySpace should throw in a few market research questions that would help advertisers to provide the most relevant ads. This will generate higher CPMs and better click-through rates throughout the entire Open Social network. If Google supports Open Social in a big way (and connects it to its advertising platform), the shift could be swift and powerful.

Via Vnunet.

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