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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yahoo: Desperately Seeking Someone

Yahoo is getting into bed with anyone who's not Microsoft. The company is acting like a woman pursued by a guy she doesn't want, so she hooks up with other partners just to keep from being available.

Yahoo bought an analytics firm, and now is testing running Google's search ads. The latter move could be seen as an act of desperation to increase revenues, or could be a test just to prove to board members how little the company would gain if it abandons its own platform.

Yahoo recently acquired video site Maven and continues to expand its video presence by enabling Flickr users to upload video.

Rumors continue that Yahoo may team up with AOL. The combined entity could eliminate jobs and only makes sense if Yahoo ends up with more money in the deal.

Microsoft continues to act like the infatuated male who just gets angrier and angrier as he is continually rebuffed. And anyone who's ever watched a Lifetime movie knows those scenarios don't end well.

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