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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Veoh Teams With DLink for Web on TV

Veoh is closing in on the killer web-TV app -- an easy way to find and store web video and watch it on the TV.

I pondered Veoh adding such a service when writing about Veoh last year. It could be indispensable for those of us who are finding more worthwhile viewing online than on TV.

VeohTV is like a DVR for the PC, and buying a DLink PC-On-TV card gives you the ability to record web-only content and TV shows alongside each other.

Veoh is becoming the search engine for all things video, giving blinkx a run for its money for well stocked video, although focusing on different content areas. You can subscribe to Veoh's channels (but not all types of content such as TV shows) as RSS feeds and then watch them at your leisure on TV.

Veoh could replace YouTube as the preferred video destination for those who want to view outside of the user generated content realm. While buying or renting a DVR allows you to record TV shows, sharing content from the PC is a compelling reason to try VeohTV.

Via Mashable

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