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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Site Googles for Best Answer

A journalist and former colleague of mine believes he's better at Googling than Google and has launched a site to show off his search talent. by Salon contributor and author Farhad Manjoo will sift through Google to find THE answer to your question and email the answer to you. Manjoo claims that no question is too tough.

Manjoo takes issue with the use of algorithms instead of people to find the best answers.

Computers are helpful -- after all, when I Google For You, I'm using Google's computers. But computers are nothing without people; expecting to get the right answer from a collection of servers without human coordination is like expecting a group of cats to put on "Macbeth." The result is sometimes funny, but mostly it's sad and stinky.

He may not keep up with the queries if enough people find out about this service (or if he plans to sleep), but Manjoo illustrates how much time it can take to filter through many Google search results to find the answer to a specific question.

He also might prove that clever marketing can help you sell some books.

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