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Thursday, April 03, 2008

DoubleClick Staffers Googling 'High Tech Jobs'

About 300 folks at DoubleClick will tell you that Google is not the unfettered money-churning machine that some suggest. According to The New York Times, Google is laying off DoubleClickers, and the company is also planning to sell of the Performics subsidiary. Getting rid of Performics makes sense since being on both sides of the search engine marketing business would raise customer suspicions. Rumors of the GOOG taking a trip down acquisition lane with Expedia don't make sense as the company doesn't want to be travel business as it would limit it "search first" strategy. However, buying Skype makes perfect sense since it is used to find and connect with people and is a conduit for selling service and can be used to connect Google with mobile users. I bet Google could more than double Skype's revenues in short order with new services that leverage its search data. Google's stock may never reach $600 again, but the company does need to be more attentive to its employment roles and aggressively expand beyond search engine and pay per click ad services.

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