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Monday, April 21, 2008

Clean Data Key to Email Marketing

Staying in someone's inbox is just as critical as getting them to subscribe in the first place. Email marketing success requires clean data and users to trust the source.

According to E-consultancy, a survey suggests that companies aren't paying enough attention to keep their subscriber lists pristine. This can lead to rejections by the leading web-based email services that many of us rely on.

Many users (yours truly included) inadvertantly or intentionally pass over emails that they've subscribed to if the sender and subject line do not make the email's purpose blantantly obvious. Goodmail is offering "Certified Email" that is delivered with an icon showing that the sender should be trusted. Certifying email can reduce rejections or accidentally banishing senders into the junk mail abyss.

Email marketing services can either reside on your servers or be hosted by third parties. Hosting the email service yourself can save money and give you greater control of the data, but requires more administration. Does anyone have a "must avoid" warning for any of the web-based providers?

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