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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Blinkx Joins Broadband TV Fray

Joining Hulu, Joost, and others with a broadband TV platform is video search engine Blinkx. BBTV leverages Blinkx' content relationships with the BBC, Reuters, and independent film and animation companies.

BBTV has channels for news, comedy, animation for a browse approach that compliments its video search website.

What differentiates Blinkx' service is software that pulls out the spoken word from the video streams, according to MediaPost:

While watching blinkx BBTV, viewers can access transcripts of a program's audio track and background information on everything from actors and personalities to reviews and locations shown within the video.

Watching video while surfing is a huge shift in work/entertainment habits. TV may no longer be a passive undertaking as Blinkx and Joost are trying to keep people at the keyboard and off the coach.

None of this matters without advertising to pay for it all, and as more ad dollars move online, video content will get more consideration.

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