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Monday, March 24, 2008

Vertical Networks Push to New Heights

As the battle over banners continues to intensify with more networks fighting for territory, vertical networks are seen as premium providers of targeted audiences for major brands.

Over at Online Spin, Dave Morgan of AOL wrote about how big brands are looking for performance-based ad buys. Going with portals for brand campaigns to access the largest number of eyeballs will no longer cut it as advertisers want to see quantifiable results, not just throw their name around.

Enter vertical networks, Morgan says.

"This is the time for one or more premium publishers to build a new, independent, business-aggregating, premium, vertical inventory and audience, backed by financial investors — not strategic ones — focused exclusively on financial success metrics, not strategic ones, and with the full freedom to operate in any market it wants without worrying about potential conflict or competition with any other sales channels.

As the co-founder of a rich media company that operates a vertical network focused on green business, I couldn't agree more. Vertical networks can't be just banner ad networks -- they must be able to prove the value of their audience and offer customizable packages that combine sponsorships, email, and video campaigns. The big brands need to justify their spend and get something different than the portals can offer, creating a unique opportunity for vertical networks with targeted marketing capabilities.

Morgan couldn't have said it better:

"Someone is going to fill this void. The market need is too great for it to be missed."

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