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Friday, March 21, 2008

Social Nets Go Corporate

While LinkedIn has always appealed to more of a business audience, Facebook is also becoming more friendly to professional purposes.

LinkedIn is now offering corporate snapshots by mining the data that its users offer about where they've worked. This data -- which can be useful for marketing purposes and job seekers alike.

According to the SF Chronicle, you can search on where people from companies such as Yahoo worked before and after through new corporate profiles.

Facebook hasn't catered to the corporate crowd directly, but the ability to create groups for companies and their "communities" can be an effective communication tool. Also, Facebook's APIs provide developers with the tools to create value added services for sharing info.

This will open the doors from the old boys network to a younger generation who will similarly leverage their connections to find new jobs and business partners. From blogs to instant messaging to now social nets, the business world eventually catches up with online tools.

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