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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

OpenSocial to Spur Collaboration

Google's announcement to make its OpenSocial social networking development platform truly open will acceleration new applications, but it won't be the ubiquitous standard that the company envisions.

Sure, with Yahoo and MySpace onboard, developers can get a good return on their efforts since applications can be used on multiple sites. But companies will largely continue to develop their own social networking apps for their own websites.

If you want to create ad-driven apps for the big sites, then OpenSocial makes sense. But as Larry Dignanreports, social networking isn't something you go to, it's something built into every site, and proprietary solutions will rule the day there.

Most publishers -- and corporate intranets -- will go with their own applications built inhouse or from the hundreds of widget or community developers. These efforts aren't all going to switch to OpenSocial in any great degree since they've already invested in proprietary code. Sure, some publishers will want to tap into the social nets' audience, but many will create their own communities.

Microsoft as always is out on its island, hoping that for some reason people will choose their "me too" technology. Not gonna happen.

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