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Thursday, March 06, 2008

IPTV Ready for Takeoff

More than 90 million households will subscribe to IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) services by 2013, according to ABI Research. Global subscribers numbered about 13.5 million in 2007, but technology improvements will accelerate its adoption.

North America will lead the pack, ABI Research says. Verizon and AT&T begin to achieve some scale in their fiber broadband services, which is needed to deliver IPTV.

Analyst firm Strategy Analytics issued a report saying that U.S. IPTV firms could see profits of up to $14 billion by 2012.

Television over IP makes sense because of the interactive features and because a single wire brings all data into the household. Look for more companies to offer bundled solutions of voice, Internet and TV. This will create incredible opportunities for merging web and TV content and interactive advertising.

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