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Monday, March 03, 2008

Getting Off of AdSense

AdSense is the K-Mart of advertising networks. It's cheap enough and will accept everyone, but you would never brag about going there.

It's amazing that AdSense continues to be on so many websites when the targeting is poor, the click-throughs abominable, and the payouts minimal.

How does Google do it? Volume. There are remainder networks like Blue Lithium with slightly higher CPMs, but only slightly.

Video-driven sites that rely on AdSense have it even tougher since content costs more and people tend to not do so much clicking around. Thankfully ProBlogger offers a dozen alternatives to AdSense including video ad networks.

New media such as widgets, video and Flash all require unique advertising solutions to give publishers a fighting chance to make a buck. The innovations are being developed, so don't sell yourself short by resorting to AdSense unless you don't have another option.

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