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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Microsoft Labs Cook Up Targeting, Overlay Ads

Microsoft -- perhaps in a move to showcase its ad talents to prospective acquisition Yahoo -- demonstrated a series of video ad technologies.

Many of these technologies (as reported by the The San Francisco Chronicle) were adapted from search and text advertising.

Microsoft is developing a dashboard application that focuses on keyword concept as opposed to individual keyword performance. If buying a concept could net a suite of effective keywords, life would be easier for advertisers.

Microsoft is also working on video insertion technologies, such as finding a place within the video frame to magically use as a billboard. Content providers would probably object to this "green screen" like technology, but it could work if they film with the intent to allow advertising.

Also demonstrated were contextual ads that are prompted based on the speech within a video (this has been tackled numerous times before) as well as behavioral technology that matches ads with the most likely audience recipients.

It looks like MicroHoo may happen if Microsoft can convince Yahoo shareholders that they can get a better return by running its ads. The Yahoo brand would have to continue since its value far surpasses the exciting "MSN" branding. MSN should go away -- make it all Yahoo!

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