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Friday, February 08, 2008

Marketers Need a PR Reality Check

In my 19 years of journalism I've always enjoyed a good relationship with the PR community. We all have a job to do, and need to respect the goals and pressures that the other side faces.

PR folks can build better relationships with journos by knowing how to respond in a timely fashion and when to back off. Also, they need to manage their clients' expectations to eliminate the waste of time. Everyone wants to be featured in the biggest blogs and news sites, but sometimes the "news" that is being offered just ain't worth it. The best PR folks know when to say no to the idea of a release, and when to let their clients know that a given release isn't like to make the front page of TechCrunch or the LA Times.

I have been frustrated recently by emails that say "My client has put out a release regarding this topic that might interest you, would you like me to send it?" This unnecessary email is a waste of everyone's time. If you think it's of interest, include the damn release! Don't make me respond to an email. If it's not relevant, don't bother.

The other key to a reporter's heart is making sure that your clients are available as needed. The one time that a reporter calls for comment on an issue and your client gets on the phone with them within 2 hours is worth more than any amount of schmoozing or free drinks you can offer. It will make that reporter more available in the future. As above, don't send non-event releases to reporters that you hold in esteem just to meet your queue. Better to give your client some tough love and move on.

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