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Friday, February 15, 2008

Gender Divides Video Watching

Video is becoming de rigeur on many websites. Content companies need to understand that when it comes to programming content for an audience, length matters.

Chicks dig watching TV shows online while the dudes go with user-generated content from YouTube according to new data from Nielsen Online.

The data indicates that of the desirable 18-34, women are more than twice as likely to view video from network TV websites while men are more than twice as likely to view YouTube content.

So marketers at Joost and Hulu need to be sensitive in developing their content to suit the audience that they'd like to attract. Hulu, from Fox and NBC, has added Time Warner as a content partner and is looking to be the biggest "corporate" video site soon. Adding significant short form content (such as highlight clips) might be necessary to attract a male audience, while YouTube might need to put more authorized "mainstream" content to attract more ladies.

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