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Friday, February 08, 2008

Directories Fight for Relevancy

Back in the days the days when the Internet was young (its first case of acne set in around 1998), directories were the most powerful guides to the Internet. Search engines have taken that mantle, but SEO expert David Eaves makes the case that begin listed in directories is still relevant because they can improve your search ranking.

Life was much simpler when being part of the Netscape Directory or NetGuide were all it took to send traffic to your doorstep. Directories have passed their prime, but you'll still see them pop up occasionally amongst search results.

Eaves provides helpful information about the important of deep linking and anchor text which can be applied to all of your linking efforts. Associating popular search terms with your site can be helpful if you participate in link exchanges.

Web rings, a more recent twist on directories, can similary be used to help improve your search standing.

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