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Friday, February 22, 2008

Customer Service as Marketing Tool

Friendly Computers, now the country’s largest computer retail repair franchise touted for reliable and “friendly” customer support, announced it has acquired a leading computer sales/repair retailer and vowed to use its new strength to wipe out the nation’s frustration caused by inept big box store customer service.

Isn't it a pleasure to hear a friendly voice -- or any voice at all -- on the phone when you have to call for customer service? The Internet has made buying nearly any good or service a commodity market. Therefore, customer service can be a true differentiator.

Telecom company Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories was recognized by Frost and Sullivan as customer service company of the year, which is surprising considering what we in the U.S. generally have to deal with when calling our phone companies.

Computer services company Friendly Computers heavily markets its customer service, and as a result the company continues to thrive and has now grown to stores in 39 states. Friendly Computers recently purchased the Computer Renaissance chain and will continue to stress customer service and inexpensive service technicians.

Community relations is also a key differentiator, and Friendly is giving away laptops to disabled Iraq veterans to exemplify its concern.

I've noticed since moving to Oregon that the customer service is noticeably better here than the other 3 states where I've lived -- California, Pennsylvania and New York. From the grocery store to the doctor's office to the insurance companies -- folks in Oregon are more considerate, helpful and patient than elsewhere. Marketers looking for a way to stand out from the crowd need to remember that keeping customers happy is critical to success.

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