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Friday, February 15, 2008

Blogging for SEO to Muddy Search Rankings

SEO experts are recommending frequent blogging as the most effective way to raise the organic ranking of one's website. This marketing trend cuts both ways. While companies may become more open in the information that they share with customers and provide some value from the pointed content, the bloggers who are writing primarily to "objectively" cover a subject will likely fall back in rankings.

Ask.Enquiro cited a recent survey claiming that blogging was the most likely activity that companies would use to increase their search ranking. The site recommends highlighting your most successful posts to push them even higher in the rankings and build traffic. Another tip is to mention companies with their stock symbols in your posts so that the companies PR folks will pay attention and link to them in their news sections.

There are numerous useful blogs hosted at corporate websites that span marketing topics and don't seem like PR spew. More voices providing timely information means additional inside information as long as the corporate overlords allow writers some freedom.

For bloggers who aren't advocating a product or service, it could mean you'll have to work harder to rise above the noise.


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