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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blinkx Teams With Denuo to Set Video Standard

Video search engine Blinkx signed a deal with consultants/innovators Denuo Group to help the company develop best practices for targeting video advertisements. Blinkx has the broadest and deepest archive of professionally crafted video, and the company has brought in Denuo to help it best monetize the content, according to MediaPost.

Among other things, the companies said they would collaborate on projects that would explore how the ad industry can deliver online video advertising campaigns that map to the right audience, are delivered in the right context, and run in the most appropriate form.

This agreement points out that we're still in the early growth phase for online video. Despite YouTube and the continued growth of video streams, the marketing and advertising mechanisms needed to make it profitable are not yet in place. There will be blood spilled as the online video and video advertising industries consolidate, and as advertising models such as pre-rolls get shaped or shuttered.

Blinkx has created an affiliate program for sharing embedded videos where referring publishers keep half of they ad revenue. Syndication is key for Blinkx to gain market share.

Blinkx still has the change to become the Google of professional video search. The company says it will launch a broadband TV channel later this year.

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