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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Internet Marketing Stories of 2008 - Vote Now

We've seen a remarkable amount of milestones, memorable stories and controversial issues throughout 2008. From an economic crisis, to state boycotts, 8-pack outrage and the first image from Google's new satellite, there was no shortage of topics to cover. We want to know which post was your favorite. 

Our list of top stories indicates that our readership is as diverse as the topics we cover, (with a marketing perspective).

We want you to vote for your favorite post out of the top-10 from 2008.


  1. HBO's unusual viral marketing campaign for Trueblood.
  2. Alabama / Michigan debate fueled by Senator Richard Shelby vs. Joe Babiasz and
  3. 8-Pack outrage: Pepsi replaces 12-pack with unpopular 8-pack.
  4. State Lawmakers force Starbucks, and Krispy Kreme  to revise online ads for Election Day freebies.
  5. Google Earth gets an upgrade -the  Geo Eye 1 satellite.
  6. Apple releases first pics and specs of new macBook.
  7. Best Buy and eBay  lose traffic during holiday sales.
  8. XM's lifelong subscription offer.
  9. The lackluster 2.2 update for iPhone.
  10. Amazon sets holiday sales record in rough economy.


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