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Friday, December 05, 2008

Social Networks Provide Key Data for Video Marketers

As online banner advertisement revenues dwindle, the appeal of online video should gain traction.

An important factor to consider for online video ads is the significant influence social networks have in the distribution of content. When we log into our favorite social networks during our daily routine, we often discover some of our favorite material via our friend's posts. 

The widespread horizontal (friend-to-friend) distribution of content is worth analysis,because it offers the  chance to present relevant content to niche audiences. The increasing amount of info and entertainment that flows into our lives reaches us from a different origin than it used to. (Even as recent as a few years ago). Content viewed horizontally often falls into the coveted sub categories that leading marketers often struggle to identify.

Ian Blain
, the CEO of ThePlatform and Senior Vice President for Comcast Interactive Media content publishing, believes that media companies should follow a bend but don't break philosophy regarding  mass distribution of their content, or what he calls the "Long Leash" concept.

Companies can embrace mass distribution of their content by sending their content out widely, while still retaining control over monetization. We've learned from the web that the most successful content is syndicated by consumers who share among their friends. This represents a shift toward a participatory experience rather than a one-way dialogue. The leash allows this kind of experience, so that premium content online doesn't simply become TV on the Internet,  and where content providers can better harness the power of social networking.

Just consider the subcategories within sports.Marketers could tweak their campaigns to the exact sport, rather than just the general sports audience a whole For example, many members within Facebook's University of Florida network are like to share college football highlights with their classmates, while colleges known for their basketball heritage, such as Duke University or the university of Kentucky, are likely to share college basketball content.Nike could plug its latest basketball sneaker for one network, and the new football cleats for another.

Those are just a couple of examples worth considering, because the video content doesn't travel on a one-way street anymore.

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