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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Post / Sun Shared Content = A Smart Move for Print Media

Perhaps it's just the magic of Christmas, but two former rivals of print journalism set aside their differences and combined forces to optimize their coverage.

As other publications resort to lawsuits, the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun hope cooler heads can prevail.

The two papers will share breaking news, suburban coverage and national and foreign stories, but they'll still compete for state government news and sports news for the University of Maryland. Managing editors claim the agreement will reduce freelance contracts and travel costs but won't result in full-time staff reductions.

Robert McCartney, assistant managing editor for metropolitan news at the Post, said.

If something big breaks on the Eastern Shore or in Western Maryland, we can decide whether we'll send the reporter or you (Sun) send the reporter. Or if it's such a big deal, we might both want to send reporters. But a lot of times, we'll be able to send just one.

Desperate times call for bold measures, and this agreement could serve as a great example for the other major dailies aiming to cut costs. I'll be interested to see if this trickles down to mid-size and smaller markets, such as the Orlando Sentinel(owned by the Tribune Company) and the Florida Today (owned by Gannet).

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