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Thursday, December 04, 2008

KickApps adds ClipBlast Video Search to 3.2 Version

kickapps and clipblast

KickApps unveiled version 3.2 this week, and one of the main highlights is the addition of ClipBlasts video collection (50 million) to search and embed.
Users can search ClipblastThrough the KickApps rich text editor, then embed videos with a single click. KickApps' platform gained popularity for its widget-studio, which simplified the widget creation process.

Alex Blum, the CEO of KickApps, said the partnership with Clipblast is the latest effort to expand the platform's abilities and enhance the user interface.


Video has become a staple of online self-expression and embedding video into posts and messages provides people with an added dimension. The breadth of the ClipBlast! index makes it extremely easy for members of KickApps websites to find the perfect video or videos that help to complete their stories. Our integration of ClipBlast! is yet another example ofKickApps' ability to extend the KickApps Platform by integrating best-of-breed functionality from third party applications.

I'm curious to see if this partnership will successfully lure the desired amount of new publishers. ClipBlast's distinguishing feature is its Intelligent Index, which includes of some 50 million videos. The index pulls video from more content providers than anyone on the web, and uses its intelligence or "knowledge" to promote and distribute each video .

KickApps' notable affiliates include major media studios such as BET,HBO,the CW, Scripps Network, Cinemax, Cox Television,and ABC family. the, as well as three sports teams: The New York Knicks, the New York Rangers and Phoenix Suns. 


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