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Monday, December 01, 2008

Google Mobile App for iPhone is a Life-Saver for Road Trips

google mobile iphone app

When we need instant info on the road, like a close restaurant, iPhones  can easily become a deadly distraction. The urge to type in your favorite steakhouse into Google search is tempting as a bag of McDonald's fries in the passenger seat. You're just bound to go for it,even if your safety is compromised. wendy's results

 Google has elminated one of those dangerous steps with a free a voice-activated search engine-the Google Mobile App. Before you speak into the mic, Google asks if you want to search according to your current location, so your query will pull up local results for generic terms or chain restaurants, such as Wendy's. I was amazed when it recognized Fuddruckers on the first attempt and accurately listed the closest one, which is about a 45 minutes away, in Orlando.

In addition to the voice-search Google Mobile's apps tab functions as a helpful tool for quick access to Gmail,Google Calendar,Google Docs,Google Talk,Google Reader,Goog-411,Google News,Google Notebook,Google Maps,Google Translate and Google Earth .

 google mobile apps tabFor the upgrade, Google should implement a talk-back feature,similar to the audio directories used in GPS navigation systems. If Google adds that feature to Mobile, I think it adds great value to the iPhone as a whole,because it would virtually eliminate the need for a GPS navigation device like Gormin or Tom-Tom. Speak now,or forever type your keys.

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