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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gresham / Hifn Create Data Storage Solutions With Virtualization

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To counter economic hardship, many companies responded with a time-tested method:cut costs and increase efficiency.

Gresham Enterprise Storage (London Stock Exchange- GHT) designed the Clareti Storage Director to help the process. CSD is powered by Express DR 1050 Capacity Optimization Cards from Hifn (NASDAQ:HIFN). Through a  process called tape virtualization and backup virtualization, Clareti Storage Director doubles the capacity of disk and tape devices by integrating data protection management and consolidating miscellaneous tape libraries.

Express DR 1050 cards use load-balancing, bus-mastering DMA,  a 4-lane PCI Express bus and enhanced LZS technology. The components enable CSD to eliminate data expansion and maintain compressed data- simultaneously. Up to four DR 1050 cards per node can be added to scale performance up to 3.8 Gbytes/sec and Hifn's zero-defect data design ensures compressed data reliability with 100 percent data verification and CRC validation.

Ed Ahl, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Gresham, explained the decision to integrate Hifn's cards.

Data compression is an invaluable tool to help offset the unrelenting storage growth and save customer's time and resources, which is only feasible with a hardware-accelerated, in-line solution such as the Express DR cards The value proposition of Hifn's Express DR cards complements the Clareti Storage Director's value proposition - provide our customers with a high-performance, capacity-optimized backup/restore vitalization solution that reduces operating costs.

Gresham's new service may remind you of Ocarina's  "O" Tier-  enhancement , which promised clients a 10:1 reduction in complex files such as email,photos,video and similar types. While Ocarina's service is similar, its methodology is different because it's based on internal upgrades,with no mention of a new device from a second party.

So what does this service mean for business owners? They can slash financial,digital and environmental wastes with one tool. Hopefully, the Clareti Storage Director of resorting to those pink slips that employees dread.

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