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Friday, December 05, 2008

Fun Iphone Apps for Office Party Icebreakers

Let's face it, as much as we love the Holiday seasons,there's usually an obligatory Christmas Party that you dread every winter.

Not to sound like the Grinch, but we've all been to one of those gatherings with corny gift exchange games,  out of control co-workers and the one guy who had a little too much egg nogg. 
If you're stuck in one of those  situations, and you have an iPhone, here are some Apps to save your sanity.


Apple Remote:
If the guest have grown weary of your music collection playing from your iTunes, and you want to change the genre without making it too obvious that you're desperate to change the mood, the Apple remote will come in handy.You can skip, pause,skip or shuffle your songs playing through the  computer, Ipod or Apple TV without leaving the room.

Snow Report, by North Face :


Everybody loves to talk about travel, and if you live in the northeast or the Rockies, you can use North Face's Snow Report to  plan for a weekend ski trip with some friends.snow report

Surf Report, by Oakley :

For my fellow Floridians, our winters rarely include snow, but that means we're one of the few states where you can enjoy a warm day at the beach, even on Christmas morning. If you find a friend at the party who wants to hit the waves that weekend, check Oakley's App - Surf Report to find the best waves at the beaches in your area.

Weird Facts: by Jens Bueckenhauer

Nothing kills the fun faster than dead silence, and If you're desperate for a conversation starter, a quick scan through weirdfacts will give you at least one great line to use.Among the random facts you'll learn:

Honey is used as the center for golf balls, England is smaller than New England,horses can't puke,  the cigarette lighter was invented before the match, shrimps' hearts are in their heads, and here's one you can use before the big toast: More people die from flying champagne corks than poisonous spiders.

glass ball factThink of it as an emergency game of Trivial Pursuit, with a sharper, funnier twist, but remember, it should only be used when you're desperate for an icebreaker. Comedian Christian Finnegan was right when he said: If you're  you're good at Trivial Pursuit, you need to get out more. It even tells you in the title:'Hey jackass, your pursuits are trivial."

Emergency Exit Plan:
Fake-A-Call , by Excelltech

This one could be a true life-saver,and it's based on one of the oldest techniques for bailing on a bad date. If you've promised your significant other- "I promise we won't stay longer than 30 minutes", you can set the time to receiver the "important" call that requires your immediate attention.

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