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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Facebook Connect Reveals New Ad Angle for Social Networks

facebook connect

Earlier today, Google Chrome and Safari  browsers discovered an unwelcome surprise when they went to Facebook. Both browsers flagged the social network as a potential "phishing site"-  a site that tricks users into providing personal information.

Connect, Facebookslatest revenue-boosting venture, was cited as a potential culprit,and Facebook's folly became the hot topic on Twitter, and TechCrunch, which provided updates  as the social networking giant scrambled to solve the problem. Facebook's developers claim a bad advertising link as the root of the problem. Facebook's excuse probably won't suffice for skeptics and critics of its latest addition- Connect- which launched last Sunday

Connect's main function is to link Facebook users with prominent media sites such as Digg, Discovery Channel and The San Francisco Chronicle, the genealogy network Geni and Hulu.

The concept behind Connect indicates an interesting transition in the marketer's approach- from data mining to data sharing. Perhaps niche marketing has temporarily taken a back seat, as quantity becomes more valuable than quality. The New York Times' Article "Facebook Aims to Extend its Reach Across the Web" explained the logic behind the new angle.

Instead of trying to hoard information about their users, the Internet giants have all announced plans to share at least some of that data so people do not have to enter the same identifying information again and again on different sites.Supporters of this idea say such programs will help with the emergence of a new social Web because chatter among friends will infiltrate even sites that have been entirely unsociable thus far.For example, a person might alert his Facebook friends to the fact that he is watching a video on and invite them to join him there to watch together and discuss the video as it plays.


Connect is the latest of several controversial alterations for Facebook's format, including  Beacon, the installation of the sophisticated user interface and the network's decision open its access to the entire public. The series of changes has spurned many loyal users.When I joined Facebook in 2005, the social network was in its infancy, I preferred it to  Myspace, because of its unique structure and purpose- to keep college students and alumni connected.Its close-knit community provided a comfortable, insulated atmosphere where you weren't bombarded with ads and other obnoxious clutter throughout Myspace.

My how the times of change. Facebook enjoyed rapid growth and surpassed Myspace, but Zuckerberg and the rest of Facebook's staff have learned there's truth to the old sports motto: "The No.1 team has the biggest target on its back."

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