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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New iPhone Apps Ensure You Won't Lose Your Marbles

peg and marbles game

If you family is as big as mine,you could use a short break from the chaos that ensues during the midst of Thanksgiving Day and other highlights of the holiday season.

I found a few new games from the App Store to help lower your stress and kill some time between turkey and dessert. and at $.99 cents, they're all a bargain .

Lose your Marbles, developed by FitzHatTrick Games, is a solitaire marble game based on the peg solitaire game from the 1600's. You'll probably recognize the format from the Peg Game at Cracker Barrell. One of the nicest features about this game is the fact that you can still listen to your iTunes while the game is running- a function that's not available on most of the other games I've played. Developer Mark Fitzpatrick told me part of the story behind the game's inspiration.


 I was in my living room playing a solitaire board game that I had put away when the kids were little, and I just brought it out of the closet again.  As I was playing, I thought that it would make a great game to play on the go when you have a few minutes to spare. The game makes you think.I especially like the fact that you can 'master' the game when you get to the point that only one marble is remaining and it is in the goal position on the board.  


Also, you can sharpen your skills through the Playback option, which replays your last game to help you learn from your mistakes. Hopefully I can master this and wow my friends and family with a perfect game the next time we're waiting for the meal at Cracker Barrel.
Cracker Barrel has their own online version, but it doesn't work for the iPhone.

Another game that caught my eye was Ocarina,from Smule.This revolutionary app for the iPhone is one you can share with the kids. Your microphone functions as the mouthpiece to an instrument. You blow into your microphone  to generate the sound and you can tap different buttons and tilt the phone to alter the tone and pitch . The best part is- anybody can learn the tones, even if you can't read music.  Over 500 songs are posted on You can also listen to other tunes created by users around the world. Before you know it, you'll be whistling dixie.

My personal favorite is Flick Fishing from Freeverse Inc. With a simple "flick" of the wrist, you cast your line and wait for the big bite.flick fishing You can use nine different types of tackle and six different environments are offered,including a freshwater pond and offshore deep sea for big game fish. Dozens of species are available. Ironically, my fishing luck from real life translated into the video game, and my best catch to date is a record-breaking Catfish- (The most dreaded of all species, just above the blowfish.)

If you need a few minutes for a mental vacation, give one of these three aforementioned games a try. I promise, it will be one of the best dollars you've ever spent (Besides McDonald's double-cheeseburger.)

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