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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Wish List to Steve Jobs for the Next iPhone update

steve jobs santa

Christmas is just around the corner, and if Steve Jobs fills the role as Apple's Santa Claus , I have a few items on my wish list for the next iPhone upgrade (whenever that arrives).

Dear Steve,

 My AT&T contract was signed with care, in hopes that a 3G iPhone would soon be there. When what to my wondering eyes did appear, but the new phone hyped as the device of the year! I opened safari browser with quick tap, only to realize that some of the pages looked like total crap.

The amazing toy you promised hasn't brought as much joy as I expected.I've behaved pretty well for almost half a year now, and I have a wish list for your next iPhone update. (Whenever you decide to deliver it)

1. Add Video Recording option to the Camera

I thought I was buying a "smart" phone, but Apple's decision decision not to add a video recording option to the camera was a pretty stupid move.  Could you please use some of your Apple magic and enhance the camera tool? Maybe you could offer a cheap application to download. Even most of the "dumb" phones out there can record video.

2.Make it Adobe Flash Player compatible.

Faster and sharper youtube videos made everyone happy, but I still can't watch any media in flash format. The "full page version" doesn't live up to its name until I can access interactive content and media on each page.

3. Simplify the multimedia messaging process

After I snap a picture of memorable moments, I have to type in a long,funny code along with the number of the cell phone I want to send my picture to.  (even if its another  AT&T customer). Can you streamline that process?

4. Let me copy and paste

When I'm busier than one of your elves, it's hard to retype a message on the run. Sometimes, I would rather send a section of a story or an email instead of the whole page. Give me the power to grab the highlights of what I'm reading.

5. Exterminate the bugs

I want to pull my hair out when my screen crashes or locks up. Could you clean out those infested spaces?

P.S. Thanks for selling my 3G iPhone at a reasonable price, but my friends who bought the original iPhone for twice the price feel like you left coal in their stockings. Even though they were nice this year,you may notice some naughty words while you're reading their wish lists.

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