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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

China Mobile Limited to Provide 3G by March 2009

 China Mobile Limited (NYSE:CHL) has bounced back from its drop on Wall Street,yesterday. CML, the world's largest mobile phone provider, gained 3 points (7%). Positive momentum followed CML's annoncement at  the 9th China Mobility International Summit in Beijing, where it claimed that users in the core 10 cities with TD-SCDMA networks will be able to use both 2G and 3G networks by March '09,without the need for a replacement SIM card.

 By that point, CML's customer base of 415 million is projected to be around 575 million. Long-term investors should consider this interesting apsect of CML's potential market: The approximate population of the United States is just over 305 million, and there are still 700 million remaining Chinese residents who are potential subscribers.

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