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Friday, November 07, 2008

Google Android and Today's Big Gainer: China Mobile Limited

Take a quick glance at today's big gainers on Google Finance and you'll notice China Mobile Limited.china mobile logo
If you're not familiar with the name, China Mobile Limited is the world's largest mobile phone provider,  with 415 million customers and $33.60 billion revenue in 2007.

Despite the fact that CML is a state-run enterprise in a republic infamous for extreme censorship,  half of China's population subscribes to wireless service and they've surpassed the U.S. in web use.

The most appealing aspects of CML's  are:
1. Upgraded Global System Communications for 3G.
2. Potential for growth-700 million potential subscribers in a market waiting to be tapped.

 In my post "China may help Android catch iPhone late in the race", I referenced an article in Forbes which claimed China had  575 million wireless subscribers (almost double the number of  the U.S.'s entire population)at the end of March 2008. Consider these facts and figures. Approximately 400,000 G1 Android phones were pre-ordered before they hit the shelves in late October.

Rich Miner, Google's group manager of mobile platforms, says Google has been negotiating for more models through LG,Samsung and Motorola .Bill Hughes, a principal analyst at market research firm In-Stat,believes that the Android will  triple Apple's iPhone sales total by 2012, with an estimated total of 96.9 million units sold.

google finance list

Google Android and Today's Big Gainer: China Mobile Limited By Matt O'Hern at 02:55 PM
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5 Reasons For a Dark Future at the Disney World Empire

disney and mickey statue

When the Walt Disney World empire begins to crumble, you know the economy is in serious trouble. Yesterday, the entertainment and theme park leader announced fourth quarter net income fell 13%. An excerpt from Rueters' article summarizes the gloomy scenario for Disney.


The global economic downturn hit Walt Disney Co's quarterly results harder and faster than Wall Street expected, with... a sharp decline in hotel bookings and softness in advertising revenue at its networks. 


Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger, who replaced Michael Eisner in 2005, offered several solutions for 2009, including more discounts to theme parks, and a possible venture into the video game industry, but he was skeptical about any chances for a quick recovery. In a conference call with analysts, Iger said.


Consumer confidence is the lowest we've seen in over three decades, and even the best product out there is feeling the effect...We are seeing a marketplace that is clearly tougher than it was in the fiscal year 2008 and our ability to predict is very limited


Here are five reasons why I expect Disney's downturn to continue well into 2009:

Cheaper Vacation Alternatives

Many tourists scoffed when Disney World raised its ticket prices this year, and for good reason.Visitors over the age of 10 must fork out $75 per ticket, kids aged 3 to 9 cost $63 per ticket.  After families tack on airfare,lodging,food costs and miscellaneous expenses, Disney's higher prices could force them to consider cheaper destinations including theme parks such as Six Flags, which has several parks throughout America.

Stronger Competition in Orlando

When Mickey Mouse hit Orlando in 1971,Disney had a monopoly in amusement parks. Eventually,Disney to Epcot Hollywood Studios (Formerly known as MGM), and Animal Kingdom, but during that same time,SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Wet N Wild established their own parks. In the late 90s, Universal also added several resort hotels and Islands of Adventure, a park geared toward an older audience, featuring thrill rides and roller coasters.

Quiet Leadership

Iger's introverted style leaves many analysts wondering where the park is headed. His vague reference to the video game is a perfect example. His predecessor and for CEO Michael Eisner had his  share of enemies within the corporation (What major CEO doesn't?) and was known for his heavy-handed, overbearing management style, which ultimately led to the "Save Disney Campaign" which forced him to resign. However, if there was one positive about  Eisner's era (1984-2005), you knew where he stood and Disney's ambitious expansion plans were proudly boasted. Whether it was positive or negative, Disney's direction was much easier to gauge during Eisner's reign.

Downtown Disney's redesign.

Disney closed Pleasure Island from Downtown Disney, the nightlife center of Disney's base in central Florida. Again, they've chosen to remain silent about their future plans with the land, but the rumor is that they're planning more family-friendly stores and shops to supplement the rest of the downtown stretch. As a result, they've cutoff a significant amount of their clientele. Young adults looking for late night entertainment at one of Pleasure Islands many clubs will now head to other places such as Church Street Station and Disney's arch rival- Universal City Walk.

Forgetting the other markets

I believe the Pleasure Island decision essentialy shuns the 20-30 year old market , which shows poor judgement on Disney's part.. 70% of downtown Disney was already family friendly attractions, and Imagine all of the revenue Disney will lose from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. They'll also lose a significant amount 20-40 year old locals and tourists who will opt for Universal City Walk. I consider downtown Disney's redesign as a microcosm of Disney's entire philosophy- which is hyper-focused (no pun intended) on children and family, (their bread and butter). I just don't think it was a good idea to turn away the other market in the process.

Universal City Walk balances the two. The layout with shops for kids and family friendly restaurants such as Nascar Cafe, NBA City and Emeril's, but it also offers plenty of entertainment for the 20-30 market with late night live music clubs and Hard Rock Live.

5 Reasons For a Dark Future at the Disney World Empire By Matt O'Hern at 10:57 AM
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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mo Vaughn Serves Honey Baked Ham on Men Make Dinner Day

honey baked ham logo

 HoneyBaked Ham Inc. hopes to hit a marketing home run with Mo Vaughn. Vaughn, the former slugger for the Boston Red Sox,Anaheim Angels and New York Mets.

Analysts expect the deal to pay huge dividends for both parties involved, since Vaughn will  be paid in whole hams, rather than any financial compensation, and 75% of honey baked hams customers are fat,lazy men ages 20-50 who love baseball.

During today's press conference, Vaughn said the deal makes his life even easier on national Men Make Dinner Day . After providing just one quote, Vaughn  took his  daily three-hour nap on a couch outside of the conference vaughn

The HoneyBaked brand was invented 40 years ago by Harry J. Hoenselaar in  Michigan, who used a secret marinade,  and smoked the ham for hours over a unique blend of hardwood chips. His creation's trademark is a crispy outer glaze that's as rich as Vaughn's savings account in 1998, when he signed his six-year, $88-million deal with the Anaheim Angels.

Vaughn's endorsement reminded many bitter  Mets' fans of a hamstring injury that kept him off the field for most of his career in New York, including the entire 2001 season.

*(The above story is totally fictional and was written as a funny method to test traffic flow. Mo Vaughn, Honey Baked Ham and National Men Make Dinner Day were among the top 100 in Google Trends today. Sorry , no ham for Mo!)

Mo Vaughn Serves Honey Baked Ham on Men Make Dinner Day By Matt O'Hern at 04:35 PM
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Toyota's "Saved By Zero" Ad Drives Viewers Crazy

toyota logo

Jingles have a profound ability to attract or repel customers, and if you think that's an exaggerated claim, just ask one of the 2,250 members of the Facebook Group "Stop Playing Toyota's 'Saved by Zero' Commercial."
A description on the group page reads:

What started on 10/26 as a solitary plea for sanity has turned into a nationwide cry for action. Group membership reached 400 on 11/2 in only a week. The group size doubled twice per that in the space of only 72 hours. Wikipedia and a recently published AP story have referenced this group to show the public reaction to this ad campaign.

Some of the comments on the discussion board reveal why the ad campaign has failed miserably. Members compare the ad's jingle to finger nails on a chalkboard. One Toyota Corolla owner joked:

As a Corolla owner I must say that commercial makes me want to drive into a tree. Good thing it isn't on the radio yet.

Toyota's hated ad boasts zero percent financing with a phrase from a 1984 song by rock band "The Fixx". Judging from the feedback,viewers hate the quantity, not quality of the jingle in the ad. Three short words- "Saved by zero" are repeated ad nauseum, especially during Monday Night Football, when ESPN replays it every commercial break. Sam Craig, a marketing professor at New York University's Stern School of Business, told the associated press.

The ad may be reaching a point known in industry lingo as 'wear out, when an ad campaign so inundates the target market that it begins to backfire.The danger of running the same basic ad over and over again is that as soon as people recognize that, they tune it out

All of the angry feedback couldn't come at a worse time for the Japanese auto manufacturer. Today marked Toyota's first net profit loss in nine years and the company admitted that it's facing an unprecedented financial crisis, with a 68% plunge in net profit 5.6 billion dollars to 550 billion yen. October's sales were also down 23 percent, according to the Associated Press, but Toyota hasn't planned to stop the obnoxious ad.

What do you think of Toyota's 'Saved by Zero' Ad?

Toyota's "Saved By Zero" Ad Drives Viewers Crazy By Matt O'Hern at 03:05 PM
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Browns vs. Broncos: First NFL Game on Sprint Phonecast

NFL on sprint

Are Sprint Subscribers ready for some football?

Tonight, the National Football League will make history when it broadcasts the Cleveland Browns vs. Denver Broncos  game on Sprint cell phones.
The showdown featuring Brady Quinn's first start will be the first of eight Thursday night matchups available on Sprint  this season and is the inaugural game for the five year, $500 million dollar agreement between Sprint and the NFL.
To the dismay of millions of fans, cable companies,including Brighthouse, don't feature NFL Network in any standard or premium programming packages. As a result, the only viewing options are for the game are the NFL Network,, or Sprint cellphones. Brian Rolapp, the NFL's senior vice president of digital media and media strategy told the Wall Street Journal the broadcast on Sprint links the NFL into a market waiting to be tapped.

We know a lot of fans find themselves displaced, and they are using devices like mobile phones for more tasks,  With 60% of our revenues coming from media, we'd be foolish not to do something like this.

As long as 60% of American TVs are left out of the Thursday Night game, Sprint has a marketing advantage to new subscribers. Steve Gaffney, Sprint's director of sports sponsorships, believes the exclusive phonecast deal will lure more subscribers and preserve a significant amount of their current customer base.He told WSJ that NFL fans comprise two thirds of Sprint's base and are also among the most loyal subscribers.

One key question Sprint must answer: Is the phonecast advantage strong enough to tear away those NFL fans from T-mobile, AT&T and other rivals?

As an avid sports fan and a loyal AT&T subscriber, I admit Sprint's feature is a nice perk, but not a game-changer in my playbook. With the exception of a few rabid fans, I doubt that many fans will  watch more than 20 minutes of each game, because nobody wants to stare at a small screen for three hours.

For most football fans, Sprint's phonecast would simply fill the time between driving from house to the sports bar. Phonecasts have a limited appeal to the majority of fans, because If we're desperate for the score, it's easy to pull up on our iPhone or turn to ESPN radio for the score.

*Update: Nov. 7  New York Times article reports  that Sprint lost 1.3 million customers in the last quarter. On Nov. 13, WSJ reported  Sprint's offering voluntary buyout packages to most of its employees who don't have direct contact with customers.Shares were recently up 20% at $2.39, but are still down 25% this month alone and 82% for all of 2008.

Browns vs. Broncos: First NFL Game on Sprint Phonecast By Matt O'Hern at 10:40 AM
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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

U.S. News' Change to Monthly = Dark Sign for Print Media

us news logo

Another national magazine won't be hitting your news stand or doorstep as often. Print journalism took another hit when it was revealed that U.S. News and World Report, the bi-weekly magazine known for its annual list: America's Best Colleges, is shifting to monthly issues. The latest revision comes only five months after the magazine dropped its weekly edition format. and it has suffered a drop of 1.1 million readers since 2007.
Citing lower advertising revenue and increased competition from chief competitors such as Time and Newsweek.
U.S. News is destined for the same downward spiral as daily papers published by Gannett and Cox, which can't stop the bleeding from lower advertising revenue.
I believe U.S. News and World Report's scale down is too little,too late. Don't be surprised if it phases to web only edition, similar to the plan of the Christian Science Monitor.

U.S. News' Change to Monthly = Dark Sign for Print Media By Matt O'Hern at 05:44 PM
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Marvel's Iron Man Shows the Power of a Strong Product

One superhero rose above the rest for Marvel Comics this year, as Iron Man ticket sales, gave the comic book company a $39-million dollar boost in the third quarter. The box-office hit, which starred Robert Downey Jr. as the heavily armored warrior, should generate another strong quarter with DVD and Blu-Ray sales in the fourth quarter.
According to the New York Times, Marvel said it earned $50.6 million, or 64 cents a share, up from $36.3 million, or 45 cents a share, a year earlier. Revenue grew 48 percent, to $182.5 million, from $123.6 million last year.
Considering the success of the Spiderman trilogy, Iron Man's even stronger numbers illustrate the potential power of a product with mass appeal. One character  (product) out of many other popular names,including Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk.

DC comics hasn't released its numbers, but the record-breaking numbers from Dark Knight , should provide a similar bounce. A major survey prior to the release of Dark Knight revealed that 75% of Americans, including older age ranges, wanted to see the latest installment in the Batman series.
Personally, I'm surprised by DC and Marvel's ability to lure moviegoers in multiple demographics, but I guess it just goes to show that many of us are still kids at heart.

Marvel's Iron Man Shows the Power of a Strong Product By Matt O'Hern at 09:32 AM
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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Viacom's Slump Should Serve as Warning For All TV Networks

viacom logo

Video killed the radio star, and online video may kill the TV star.
Judging from MTV's dwindling ratings, younger viewers are staying away from living room TV in favor of the PC. As a result, MTV's parent company,Viacom must develop alternative methods to recapture its coveted young audience. Viacom, one of the world's largest media conglomerates, saw $400 million dollars of net income disappear during the third quarter, and its profit is 37% lower than it was at this point in 2007.

During an interview with, Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman used the opportunity to blame the overall economic condition, but he also conceded that Viacom has lost its ability to preserve viewer loyalty. He has mentioned several remedies for the slump, with an emphasis on interactive applications that would help heighten viewer engagement with shows demo-specific programming blocks for MTV.

The softness lies in repeat viewership and we’re attacking the issue on multiple fronts.We have to create more compelling reasons to get people to watch.Viacom, like every company, has had to adjust to the realities of a serious economic downturn.There was a general pullback in spending by marketers as they responded to lower consumer spending.The ad market has clearly changed

MTV fell out of the top 20 in the third quarter with 865,000 prime time viewers, which is almost a fifth lower than the 2007 average. Younger viewers weren't the only ones tuning out. VH1, the grownup version of MTV, (and another one of Viacom's jewel networks),  averaged 630,000 prime time viewers, which marked a 16% decline from last year.
Viacom's numbers raise a big question on the minds of executives in the other major media corporations: "Who might be next?" Overall, third-quarter viewership was higher for cable and broadcast networks than in 2007, but those numbers could be skewed for NBC, when you consider the major bump NBC received from America's love affair with record-breaking swimmer Michael Phelps and the summer Olympics in China.

ABC,NBC and CBS should consider a similar approach to their marketing efforts,because the shift to online video will eventually impact on their viewership numbers as well.

viacom stock

Viacom's Slump Should Serve as Warning For All TV Networks By Matt O'Hern at 04:24 PM
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British Airways' Reputation Damaged by Employee Comments on Facebook

British Airways learned why online reputation management should be a top priority, and a group of its frustrated employees in London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 discovered that Facebook isn't  a safe forum to vent their anger.
Thanks to the power of social networking, the  workers' rude comments about passengers caught the attention of the press. Their Facebook group, "'Things that irritate you more when working on check-in", lists complaints including: smelly travelers and American customer's with "stupid accents". 
But the terminal five group members aren't the only worker bees creating controversy.
One group features several workers who formed a band and posted a video where they sing "What a disaster Terminal 5 is"., and Another group 'Bring long hauls back to Gatwick' claims they're victims since BA moved all the longhaul flights that it 'legally could' to Heathrow.
An article on the quoted some of the group's colorful quotes

'This group is to try and get Willie Walsh, for once, to listen to the staff...Cabin Crew are leaving faster than Dawn French from a Weight Watchers meeting because they simply don't get paid enough....Operations there are shambolic  -  luggage is lost, no BA flights ever leave on time, and virtually all flights are coached to remote stands'

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. British Airways is scrambling to stop the mutiny, but the posters used code names such as "Suely". According to the Dailymail's story, the check-in staff is being investigated by their bosses. A spokesman said the comments as 'disappointing' and 'unwise' and pledged to deal with those responsible.

The mere fact that this inner-conflict evolved into an international PR disaster highlights the importance of  online reputation management, especially for an industry that's already struggling to survive.

The main obstacles to reputation management are the potential legal ramifications, since employees could sue for violations of their privacy and freedom of speech. If and when future amendments or bills are submitted to address this issue, It will be interesting to see if governments will side with the corporations or the individuals.

British Airways' Reputation Damaged by Employee Comments on Facebook By Matt O'Hern at 12:24 PM
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Starbucks, Krispy Kreme Face Penalty For Election Day Freebies

starbucks logo and uncle same

Krispy Kreme and Starbucks have learned that America is the land of the free- except for coffee or donuts.

Today, as many of us head to the  polls to exercise  one of our most valuable and honorable rights,we'll be rewarded with a sense of pride ,an "I voted" sticker, and a sugar rush.

Starbucks promised a free coffee and Krispy Kreme offered a free donut to anyone who showed up with an "I voted" sticker, but their giveaways could prove to be costly endeavors, for a reason other than the one you would expect.  An article in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution, titled "Trouble brews for voter freebies." warned about the possible legal consequences for sugar-seeking voters

Businesses such as Starbucks and Krispy Kreme that plan to reward metro Atlanta voters with small perks like a free cup of coffee or doughnut on Election Day may be running afoul of Georgia law.According to the secretary of state’s office, rewards and discounts being offered today to people who show up with 'I’m a Georgia voter' stickers are illegal, and in fact may constitute a felony under state statutes.Voters who accept such freebies might also be committing a crime.

Part of Georgia Code Section 21-2-570, warns: Businesses are free to offer ‘Election Day’ specials or sales for all of its customers, but gifts, incentives or specials just for voters is prohibited under this provision.


In Washington State, Election officials told the CBS affiliate, KIRO 7  that rewarding voters with free coffee is illegal.Nick Handy, director of elections,said there is a federal statue that prohibits any reward for voting.

No good deed goes unpunished.The way it is written, it expressly prohibits giving any kind of gift. the intent of the statute is aimed at special interest groups trying to influence who and how people vote.

Starbucks adjusted by agreeing to give a tall cup of coffee to anyone who asks for one on election day, but smaller businesses were also caught off guard,including Zaya, a Mediterranean restaurant in Inman Park. The restaurant was offering half prices on menu items under $15, but after a call from a representative from the Georgia secretary of state’s office, Zayas cancelled the promotion.

This multi-state crackdown on coffee, donuts and Italian food is one of the most ridiculous efforts I've ever seen. Election officials have plenty of legitimate concerns to worry about on election day. If the discounts or giveaways were limited to voters for a certain candidate,party or amendment, I could understand the enforcement. 

I find it so ironic, that the same people we put in power are penalizing the companies that  encourage every American to get out and vote with a harmless a incentive.

Starbucks, Krispy Kreme Face Penalty For Election Day Freebies By Matt O'Hern at 10:10 AM
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Monday, November 03, 2008

Brazilian Lingerie Designer Plants GPS Trackers In New Line


Occasionally, an international story  is just too resisting to pass up. Today, I stumbled on one of those during my quick scan over Drudge Report. A certain headline grabbed my attention, because it sounded like something out the plot for a bad sitcom episode.

It read:

Feminists offended by 'chastity belt' underwear featuring GPS tracking system.

gps trackerThe

Prices begin at approximately $800 for the combination set that includes lace bodice, bikini bottom and faux pearl collar, with the GPS device nestled next to the waist.

(Now that's different  form of branding compared to the term we normally use on this blog.)

Lorio responded to feminists' criticism and claimed the GPS can be de-activated by the user. I'm not sure what Lorio's original intent was for the device. The user de-actavtion feature will decrease the product's value for possessive boyfriends, paranoid husbands and protective fathers who don't trust their daughter's sketchy new boyfriend.

 One section of the article reminded me of our posts about luxury items and bullet-proof apparel brand Miguel Caballero.

Unconcerned with the controversy her collection has raised, Lorio is also dismissive of the global financial crisis and its adverse impact on luxury items sales...'Some women are now interested in buying it for protection,' Lorio said. Programming it for partners themselves so they are safe on a night out alone.'

 Evidently, there's a demand for a new high-end line of clothing that combines fashion and safety. If this trend continues, we'll just refer to this style as PSC- (Personal Security Clothing).

Brazilian Lingerie Designer Plants GPS Trackers In New Line By Matt O'Hern at 04:56 PM
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Offbeat Guides Launches On-Demand, Personalized Travel Books

offbeat guides logo

From fast food menus to iPods , we've become a society obsessed with customization. Dave Sifry, the founder and former CEO of Technorati, obviously kept that in mind with the first public beta product of Offbeat Guides: On-Demand, Personalized Travel Books.

You can preview the product at, which includes 30,000 city destinations around the world,including New York, Paris, Rome and Tokyo, as well as smaller cities in the U.S. and abroad.

You may recall Jason's post from Sept.3, when he offered his take on Offbeat's model and praised Sifry's passionate crew .Sifry follows one of the key principles  in Alan Adamson's BrandDigital: Call attention to what makes your brand relevantly different.Offbeat's design of On-Demand Personalized Travel Books is simple yet overlooked concept:Travel books that are arranged according to your own input and schedule, rather than that traditional guide, which is typically compilation of general facts regarding your destination.


Sifry explained Offbeat's model in his blog, Sifry's alerts. He admitted that they're a company run by techies who frequently travel, and explained how that aspect makes Offbeat Guides friendlier to the average traveler.

 We're travelers, just like you. We value your time, so we focused on simplicity. To get started, we only ask you 5 questions. From that, we show you a live preview of your guide, with sights, attractions, restaurants, and hotels - but we also pull in all the local and contextual information we can find, tuning your guide just for you, your preferences, and your trip details.

The five questions ask you to provide the following info:

  • The city you're traveling to
  • The city you live in
  • Your name
  • Your travel dates
  • Where you're staying

Once you plug in your answers, you're given valuable info, including:

  • timezone differences from your hometown
  • electrical plug differences
  • embassies and consulates nearby
  • differences in tipping policies
  • exchange rates local
  • weather forecasts
  • local  festivals, events, and concerts that coincide with the dates of your stay.

 For my own trial run, I searched for the only city I've lived in besides Merritt Island: Birmingham,AL. I figured that since I was already familiar with the area, I could determine the efficiency and accuracy of the Personalized Travel Book.

I filled out each section and proceeded to the next page, which contains a list of chapters you can add, edit or remove from your guide,including attractions,dining and many categories that you see on every travel site.  But after a closer look at the city overview, you'll see how Offbeat was designed to help with many of the questions you may not think of until you're in the city. Answers are offered in detailed descriptions and quick tips.

For example, when I searched events chapter, it included an amazing amount of info-18 pages worth of events occuring JUST within the dates I listed, (Nov. 25-30,2008), but there's also valuable quick tips in one page chapters, including contact and stay safe

The Contact chapter provides a link to to find free Wi-Fi hot spots in the metro area, so you can plan your daily route accordingly. Consolidating valuable info on one page, like Wi-Fi hotspots, prevents those aggravating searches that get us sidetracked in the middle a busy trip.

 The StaySafe section listed a service that I wasn't aware of when I lived in Birmingham-  CAP (City Action Partnership) CAP is a  bike patrol  that deters crime and offers vital assistance in downtown Birmingham, with free security escorts, directions, assistance with a dead car battery, etc. Services like CAP keep the out-of-towner from being stranded in an intimidating in an unfamiliar environment, a situation that can ruin any business trip or vacation.

Once you've finished your customizing process, you can download the guide in PDF form for $9.95, or you can pay $15 more to get the PDF form plus a hard-copy book version of the guide for $24.95.  Consider it this way, you're essentially getting a personalized, up-to-date book and PDF for the same price you would pay for an annual, general publication by Frommers or Zaggots.

Offbeat Guides' On-Demand, Personalized model could prove to be a format that many of the major travel guides choose to copy in the near future.

Offbeat Guides Launches On-Demand, Personalized Travel Books By Matt O'Hern at 12:42 PM
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Could Netflix's "Watch Instantly" Library Kill Movies by Mail?

netflix logo

When Netflx enhanced its service  to include streaming movies, it may have started the downward spiral of its original format- movies by mail. Netflix's partnership with Starz added 2,500 films to the "Watch Instantly" collection, and there's no reason to believe that the trend toward streaming movies won't continue.
As a Netflix subscriber, I wonder how much longer the  movies by mail format  will remain as a viable marketing method. I'll use my own example to explain.

I recently watched Patriot Games with two of my buds, and we planned to follow it up with the next movie in the Jack Ryan series, Clear and Present Danger, but it's still sitting on my coffee table because one of my other friends couldn't make it over this Saturday.
As a result, the rest of us decided to call an audible and browsed the library. After about 20 minutes, we figured out how to connect my PC monitor cord to the TV, and within a few minutes, we were watching Expelled  , one of the most popular movies on "Watch Instantly". The image quality was just as sharp as a DVD, and I discovered many appealing titles to consider for the next movie night.

Simply put, "Watch Instantly" gives you the chance to adapt on the fly, and the movies by mail option loses its appeal with each title that becomes streamable.
Don't be surprised if the formats are reversed, and movies by mail becomes the secondary method of subscribers,rather than the primary one.Considering Netflix''s downgraded forecast for subscriber growth, keep an eye on their marketing tactics over the next few months. I'm willing to bet that the bulk of advertisements won't even mention the mail method.

Could Netflix's "Watch Instantly" Library Kill Movies by Mail? By Matt O'Hern at 09:59 AM
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