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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sunrise Bank Sets Itself Apart From Corporate Chains

sunrise bank exterior

Denis Waitley once said, "You must learn from your past mistakes, but not lean on your past successes.", and Larry Roselle, CEO of Sunrise Bank is a testimony to the importance of Waitley's rule. After spending several years in the world of corporate banking, (mergers between First Florida and Barnett, First United and Wachovia) Roselle converted lessons from past frustrations into inspiration for his next vision. He came to the realization that the general model for modern banking was fundamentally flawed.
In the January 2008 edition of Space Coast Business, one of his quotes reveals just one of many keen principles he employs for Sunrise Bank.

Mergers are horrible. I believe the single most important thing that sets Sunrise Bank apart is that we are not for sale.We are tired of being acquired and, most importantly, our customers are tired of being acquired...Banks are currently entrenched on a frame of mind that leaves very little leeway for flexibility.

In light of the recent collapse of financial giants such as Washington Mutual and Merrill Lynch, Roselle's quote resonates with disgruntled investors across the world, including Florida's Space Coast. Sunrise Bank's headquarters in Cocoa Beach opened in October of 2007, and as soon as you pull up to the parking lot, you'll notice its sleek, Caribbean style, complete with a wraparound porch. The outstanding quality of Sunrise is its attention to detail in every aspect, from the business model to the building's design and decorations.

As you walk in the front door, you're greeted by a 300-gallon saltwater aquarium that features an array of beautiful species such as the clownfish. In the main lobby,you'll feel relaxed in an atmosphere that combines a vintage American setting with a tropical style- a mix of Tommy Bahama with Norman Rockwell.lobby of sunrise bank cocoa beach The bank's lush interior features bamboo hardwood floors,two large couches and a circular LED display along the floor. To your left, you'll notice Sunrise's most charming feature- an internet cafe, complete with a plasma screen TV, a cappuccino machine and a freezer stocked with free ice cream. Upstairs, near the executive office, there's a billiards room and an outdoor grilling deck, with a view of the Atlantic Ocean.
While the ornate decorations are a nice feature, the important details are found in the principles that Roselle and Sunrise adhere to. They emphasize the value of the surrounding community, that's why they deploy three "mobile" banks to investors who may not have the time to leave their own office. Sunrise also prefers to build business through word of mouth, rather than traditional advertising, and its investors  consist of well-known, local entrepreneurs in the area

For business owners, Sunrise offers a ray of hope to local business owners in search bank that can weather the stormy economic climate.

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