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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Product Review: Wiseled Tactical Flashlight Outshines Competition

wiseled tactical flashlight

 To continue our ongoing topic of personal security and protection, I decided to review an amazing device: the Wisled Tactical. The flashlight has a firm, thermo plastic rubber grip and three outstanding characteristics- quality,durability and versatility. Tactical claims its one of the world's most powerful flashlights,and with good reason. I hesitate to even place it in the "flashlight" category.


It has 7 LED lights that combine to produce the power of 1000 lumen, enough light to put the bat signal to shame. It's also effective underwater, for scuba divers who want to peer into dark caverns and layers of reef.
This isn't the typical $20 Maglite you'd pick up at Wal-Mart. To give you a first-hand, reliable account of Tactical's power, we tested the range across a state park at late night. To our amazement, the beam spanned the length of approximately 466 yards (longer than four football fields combined).
I'll put it this way, the Tactical is the only flashlight that I would also place in the self-defense category. As the victim of an office prank, I was tricked into looking directly into the beam for a second or two, and my vision was impared for a good 10 minutes. To all of you maglite users, the Tactical will put it to shame.

In addition to its incredible brightness, other nice features about the Tactical include:

  • It fully charges within 1 to 2 hours
  • It's water-proof (to depths of 300 feet), wind-proof, heat- resistant and sand-proof.
  • Ten years of battery life and 50.000+ hours of LED operation time.
  • Dimmable: 15 steps pauses at top/bottom
  • Five degree lens
  • Anodized Aerospace grade aluminium
  • Strobe effect: 150% (non-lethal weapon)
  • Pre-programmable: SOS or warning function
  • Signalling strength up to 10 miles in clear weather


To learn more about this amazing gadget, visit

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