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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

NetFlix and Starz Add Thousands of Movies to Watch Instantly Online

Net Flix Teams With Starz

America's favorite mail-exchange movie rental service, Netflix, boosted its  "Watch Instantly" online option, by adding 2,500 new titles.

The influx is due to Netflix's deal with Starz Entertainment (LLC). As Netflix reduces its overhead for shipping costs, the deal also gives much more control to customers by providing easier and instant access the movies they love,such as the Spiderman series. As a Netflix customer, I can honestly say that prior to the deal, most of the "Watch Instantly" titles were mildly appealing, to say the least. (I.E.- Ralph Nader-An Unreasonable Man).

The article from today's Seattle-Post Intelligencer article states:
While this is just a fraction of the 100,000 titles Netflix has available on DVDs, Netflix says it continues to grow both numbers and eventually hopes to close the gap between them.The addition of the Starz movies means Netflix viewers will have access to streaming movies from studios like Sony and Disney earlier than they would otherwise. Because movie distribution rights are tied up years in advance, Spider-Man 3, for example, would not have been available for streaming for at least nine years, said Bill Myers, Starz's president and chief operating officer.

Nextflix's latest move comes only a few months after their alliance with XBox, and if they can combine with Starz  to produce an effective marketing strategy, imagine the potential impact this deal could make on  Apples Itunes' popular movie section. On Itunes, you pay an average of $2.99 for EACH title you rent .On the other hand, my monthly $8.99 one-at-a-time (by mail)  Netflix plan, I have unlimited access to instant viewing. It doesn't take a math major to realize the better deal.
If Apple doesn't formulate a similar model, they might see a serious drop-off in movie rentals and purchases.

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