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Friday, October 03, 2008

Iphone's Stanza App May Lure More Readers than Amazon Kindle

In only four months, Stanza, an electronic-book-reader App for the Iphone, has been downloaded by more than 395,000 users, with an average of 5,000 copies each day . Compared to Amazon's kindle, which is projected to sell 380,000 for the entire year.(According to Forbes)
How did one Application become such an overnight success? The most logical answer is one simple word: Free.

The app was developed by Lexcycle, and if you don't think Amazon is feeling the heat, I went to at 10 a.m. and laughed,because the Kindle, was displayed front and center, as if it was making its debut, but it was released 11 months kindle

The Kindle sells for $360, and offers copies for an average of $10. Its main advantage over Stanza is that it offers 180,000 titles, including the latest bestsellers, while the Stanza's library consist of public domain books. However, Stanza's developer and Lexcycle's chief executive, Marc Prud'hommeaux,told Forbes that they're in the negotations with major publishers and anticipate a major announcement by January.

Once we've got that kind of deal done, you'll be able to do everything on the iPhone that you can now do on the Kindle: browse, purchase, download and read a book without interacting with your computer in any way.

Another strong advantage for Stanza is the simple fact that its an application, not another bulky device to lug around. Having said that, Stanza's ultimate success hinges on the outcome of those negotiations, because the young generation of Iphone users are much more likely to buy contemporary work rather than The Great Gatsby or War and Peace.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for similar apps to spring up in the App store as well as Google's Android app store. Healthy competition could produce easier and cheaper access to more of the authors and titles sought by every reader. Everyone, from professors, to lazy slobs like George Co"stanza" would appreciate the convenience.

george costanza with iphone

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Hi, I am Korea stutent.
I am studying is on App.
But in a question-mail to send questions.
Where does the revenue generated Santanza App?
I do not speak English.
Please forgive me. I'll wait for your reply.
Thank you!!

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