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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Iphone App ESPN Cameraman Test Eye Speed and IQ

espn arcade cameraman logo

I openly admit that during my childhood, I was  a video game addict.

Like many of you reading this, I often heard a general warning from my parents, that was usually something along the lines of: "Turn that video game off! You're just wasting brain cells!"

As I grew older, I became hooked on sports, and I still enjoy watching a great football game on the weekend. ESPN Arcade was designed for guys just like me, and its new  application for the : ESPN Cameraman, is one of the most popular free downloads from the App Store. It tests your sports IQ and your eye speed. The game was developed by Skyworks Interactive.  CORRECTION:  Thanks to Paul Melvin from ESPN Communications for spotting our mistake.  ESPN worked with developer EpicTilt in developing ESPN Cameraman for the Apple app store (for use on iPhone and iPod Touch).  Skyworks on and the ESPN Cameraman game for the web, Skyworks did not build the iPhone app.  Thanks again to the ESPN Communications department for catching our blunder.  Nice find, next time I'll make sure the Easter Egg is harder to find ;)

The premise of Camerman is similar to many brain- building games out there.  At each level, you're given a set of sports action photos that are near mirror images, and you must tap to point out the differences between the two. (I.E. Derek Jeter's hat features the Yankees logo in one image, but not the other.) If you don't point out at least three differences, you're penalized one life, and you have three lives total. 

Each level is timed, and the faster you find the differences, the better. If you're stumped, you can tap one of the three camera icons for a free hint (only three are available per game) to help you move to the next scene. You've got to use your hints wisely, because you only get three per game. Your final score is kept on record so you can compete with sports fans across the world.

My first outing was a rough one, and I only made it to the third level, with a score of 1200. Despite my rough start as a rookie, I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of detail and the soundtrack ESPN implemented for a free app. If you're a sports enthusiast like me, you'll enjoy this free app. If you don't have an iPhone, you can play the game at

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