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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Social Networking Done Right

Companies Loomia and Prospero have developed smart social networking tools that can teach Facebook a thing or two.

Loomia's "Seen This" application enables people to track what their friends are posting about on various social networking and news sites. I see this as a more intelligent version of Facebook's platform for tracking friends' posts or purchases.

Seen This, which was licensed by the Wall Street Journal, is opt-in, so there won't be any Facebook-like surprises. I'd much rather know what my inner circle is reading than what they bought on Amazon, but maybe that's because I'm more of a thinker than a shopper.

Prospero has packaged a slick set of social networking tools including message boards, blogs, chats, wikis, and polls. The company is now targeting non-profits and has landed clients including the Cleveland Clinic, The Wharton School, AARP, and the American Diabetes Association.

Health sites are among the strongest areas for these community features since those who themselves or their families suffer from an ailment are in need of information and support. Licensing a platform with easy to implement APIs and widgets across the social spectrum, such as ESPN and Business Week have done with Prospero, can save considerable time over building your own or using a cloaked system.

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