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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Marketers to Battle for Game Rights

Online gaming continues its rapid sales growth. This might be the year that contextual advertising in games pays off, resulting in free games or upgrades that is ad-supported.

Product placement within virtual worlds and console games is picking up as people continue to tune out online and TV ads. Making the games free or inexpensive could make the top games as important media buys as the top-rated TV shows.

The biggest advantage for in-game marketing is that billboards that appear within games can't be skipped, according to DM News. Marketers are expected to increasingly move away from traditional ad buys where exposure is uncertain.

The competition for placement in top selling games like Battlefield Heroes will soon be intense, so getting in now is the best battle plan.

It won't be long before every virtual wall and video screen is plastered with the same ads that light up Times Square. Yeah?

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