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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Current TV IPO Could Energize Online Media

Current TV, the cable network and web property, could open doors to IPOs and financing for other online media companies with its plan to go public. If Current TV can convince shareholders that integrating the web and TV is a good bet, then others may follow suit.

Current TV is still small in its audience by both web and TV standards, but the innovative concept (and high profile founders Al Gore and Joel Hyatt) have drawn enough attention to keep it viable. The company needs to put more resources online for social interaction to be the go-to sight for video, commentary, and sharing.

Today the site feels more like an appendage of the TV network, but in reality the web should drive viewers to TV. The company needs to generate revenue from online ads and provide a single solution for both online and broadcast advertising.

Current TV has the young demographic that advertisers love, but they have to do more online to increase the overall value of the property and keep up with the social networking tech trends.

By John Gartner at 06:01 AM | Comments (0)

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