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Friday, January 11, 2008

Comcast: Evil or Benevolent Empire?

The battle to dominate content delivery is being methodically won by Comcast. I've always thought that Comcast had the inside track on being the entity most able to merge Internet content with TV, and they have all but accomplished that.

Comcast's new super-fast downloading of HD movies could all but kill movie download services and will be a huge incentive for consumers to leave competing services. Comcast's video on demand service, which will store thousands of shows on regional servers to speed delivery competes with DVRs that it also offers, but it could be challenged in court as previous lawsuits have targeted the idea of a "network DVR."

The ability to program your DVR online finally brings Comcast on par with TiVo, and since Comcast is already working with TiVo it should integrate the ability to store RSS video feeds on the DVR.

So once Comcast has a clearly superior offering that combines the best in high speed access, web content and video on demand, will it stabilize consumer rates? I left for satellite TV because it seemed that they raised the subscription fee every two months. It will be incredibly convenient to get everything you need from one company. But the DOJ had better pay attention to make sure that Comcast rules the digital universe without slipping into a Microsoft-like behaviors. 

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